A World of Uber Troubles

Uber's regulatory opposition and controversies around the world - as listed on Wikipedia and updated from media sources. 

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(Note: This is a work in progress and some of the entries may be outdated but there are so many Uber issues its frankly difficult to keep up. New issues will be added as soon as they are reported; all ongoing issues will be reviewed weekly.)

Uber's troubles by location

Page Title
Type of Opposition
Source link
Scale of Opposition
Atlanta taxi drivers sue Uber over licensing01/09/2014Legal rulingNews reportLocalAtlanta, United States
Auckland police crack-down on Uber by fining drivers and booting passengers12/01/2015Regulatory actionNews reportLocalAuckland, New Zealand
Ban on advertising for Uber in France01/12/2014Legal rulingNews reportNationalParis, France
Boston taxi owners sue Boston over allowing Uber, Lyft to operate17/01/2015Legal rulingNews reportLocalBoston, United States
Broward County orders Uber to cease operations04/12/2014Regulatory actionNews reportLocalBroward County, United States
California governor approves bill with stricter liability insurance requirements01/09/2014Regulatory actionPress releaseRegionalSacramento, United States
Cease and desist in Queensland, AU for not meeting transport legislation01/05/2014Regulatory actionNews reportRegionalQueensland, Australia
Cease and desist with fines for non-compliance in Taiwan01/12/2014Regulatory actionNews reportNationalTaipei, Taiwan
China bans unlicensed taxi services nationwide09/01/2015Regulatory actionNews reportNationalBejing, China
Dispute with Vancouver local regulators01/09/2012Regulatory actionNews reportLocalVancouver, Canada
Dozens of Uber cars impounded by Cape Town police01/01/2015Regulatory actionNews reportLocalCape Town, South Africa
Former Uber driver charged with sexual assault on passenger in Chicago15/01/2015Public criticismNews reportLocalChicago, United States
Lawsuit filed in San Francisco against Uber concerning New Delhi rape case29/1/2015Legal rulingNews reportInternationalSan Francisco, United States
Maui mayor announces Uber needs license to operate in the county11/01/2015Regulatory actionNews reportLocalMaui, Hawai, United States
New South Wales government authority reiterates Uber requires licenses01/04/2014Regulatory actionPress releaseRegionalNew South Wales, Australia
New South Wales government sues Uber drivers15/01/2015Legal rulingNews reportRegionalNew South Wales, Australia
Polish taxi drivers announce action against Uber01/08/2014Taxi industry actionNews reportLocalWarsaw, Poland
Queensland Taxi Council starts anti-Uber media campaign01/11/2014Taxi industry actionNews reportRegionalQueensland, Australia
San Antonion City Council votes new regulation for ride-sharing that Uber says could close down their service11/12/14Regulatory actionNews reportLocalSan Antonio, United States
Seoul city expresses intention to ban Uber and initiate police investigation01/07/2014Regulatory actionNews reportLocalSeoul, South Korea
Seoul prosecutor indictes Uber and CEO Kalanick01/12/2014Legal rulingNews reportNationalSeoul, South Korea
South Carolina issues cease and desist order against Uber over licensing17/01/2015Regulatory actionNews reportRegionalSouth Carolina, United States
South Korea's communications watchdog claims local Uber violated communications laws22/1/2015Regulatory actionNews reportNationalSeoul, South Korea
Uber 15-second system deemed unsafe distraction to drivers in US01/12/2014Public criticismNews reportNationalWashington D.C, United States
Uber banned in Brussels for offering illegal services01/03/2014Regulatory actionNews reportLocalBrussels, Belgium
Uber banned in Delhi, India after passenger was raped by Uber driver01/12/2014Regulatory actionNews reportLocalNew Delhi, India
Uber banned in Hyderabad, India for lack of licenses01/12/2014Regulatory actionNews reportRegionalHyderabad, India
Uber banned in Karnataka, India for lack of licenses01/12/2014Regulatory actionNews reportRegionalKarnataka, India
Uber banned in Nevada for failing to comply with state regulation01/11/2014Legal rulingNews reportRegionalNevada, United States
Uber charged by Toronto city officials with licensing offences01/12/2012Regulatory actionNews reportLocalToronto, Canada
Uber declared illegal in Thailand01/11/2014Regulatory actionNews reportNationalBangkok, Thailand
Uber drivers fined $44,000 during a series of stings by Palm Beach county officials23/1/2015Regulatory actionNews reportLocalPalm Beach County, Florida, United States
Uber drivers issued citations in Boise07/01/2015Regulatory actionNews reportLocalBoise, Idaho
Uber faces Beijing crackdown07/01/2015Regulatory actionNews reportLocalBejing, China
Uber fined a total of $118,000 since November 2014 by Eugene city14/01/2015Regulatory actionNews reportLocalEugene, Oregon, United States
Uber ordered to cease all activities in Spain01/12/2014Legal rulingNews reportNationalMadrid, Spain
Uber sued by American drivers for stealing tip money01/08/2013Uber driver's actionNews reportNationalCalifornia, United States
Uber sued by Philadelphia taxi companies for unfair competition01/12/2014Taxi industry actionNews reportLocalPhiladelphia, United States
Uber sued for violating California laws01/12/2014Legal rulingNews reportLocalCalifornia, United States
Uber sued for violating Portland laws01/12/2014Legal rulingPress releaseLocalPortland, United States
Uber sued in California for denial of services to blind customers01/09/2014Legal rulingNews reportRegionalCalifornia, United States
Uber Sydney offices searched for law enforcement purposes01/04/2014Regulatory actionNews reportRegionalNew South Wales, Australia
UberPop banned in Netherlands for lack of license01/12/2014Legal rulingPress releaseNationalAmsterdam, Netherlands
Unauthorized Uber driver sexually assaults a passenger in Chicago31/12/2014Public criticismNews reportLocalChicago, United States
Wrongful death claim against Uber driver in San Francisco01/12/2013Legal rulingNews reportLocalSan Francisco, United States

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